23 September 2023

The Me In You – How Does It Feel to Be Wrong all the Time

Releasedate:   15-06-2022
Label:  Starman

The Me in You is a Belgian formation making Pop/Rock music. They released their album “How Does It Feel to Be Wrong all the Time” recently. It is their fourth album and is available now.

A calm and melancholic intro leads into the album. The songs sound soft but have a bit of a dark undertone here and there. The listener has the task to listen carefully to the words and interpret them as they are, but it is not a task that asks too much of the listener. Not at all, the music is lightweight, diverse and are supporting the vocals mainly rather than taking a too prominent spot.
The title track has a bit of a sharp edge to feel but in “ The Hum of Your Voice” they are going on a bit different direction.

A bit more dreamy and while you get to the halfway point you come to realize that listening to this album should be done with a bit more attention to it than having it as a background noise. For then you would miss out on the details too easily and could you lose interest soon. But when you have the time to dedicate you’ll find the highlights in “ Stop In Motion” or “ The Day MCA Passed Away”.

The Me In You is releasing an album that you could surely spend some time with and for those who can enjoy the indierock vibe will surely find themselves pleased it with it.


The Me in You


  1. Landscapes (About Me)
  2. The Day MCA Passed Away
  3. How Does It Feel to Be Wrong All the Time
  4. The Hum of Your Voice
  5. In a Silent Way
  6. Highly Overrated
  7. Before and After Silence
  8. Stop in Motion
  9. Sooner or Later
  10. The Coastman & the Liar