25 May 2024

Satanic North – Satanic North

Written by: Helena Cedrwydd 
Releasedate: 19-04-2024
Label: Reaper Entertainment

I’m not very familiar with Finnish black metal, except for Horna, so I was very interested in expanding my horizons in this area. That’s why I was glad to have the opportunity to listen to Satanic North.

Without much preamble: the album is good, and it is a cannon blast that shoots straight into the ears and brain of the listeners from the very first second. Dynamic. Fast. Furious blastbeat and raging guitar melodies. Satanic North is surely capable of stirring up even the dead – hardly anyone would be able to resist such an invigorating adrenaline injection.

From the opening theme “War” and right up to the last note of the final song of the same name “Satanic North”, the music is fast, powerful and fiery, sort of  a hellish cocktail of rage, darkness and aggression, seasoned with surprisingly melodic, harmonious and even dance motifs. The vocalist is skillful in combining and alternating piercing demonic screams with voluminous, low, beastlike growls, creating aт exceptional dark and primal atmosphere.

Overall, there is a feeling that the album has much more of the Norwegian black metal scene than one would expect from a Finnish band – and most of all it has associations with Taake and the classic Emperor.

So, which songs impressed me the most?

“Hatred And Blasphemy”, which is in some ways close to the black’n’roll genre – it’s the kind of music that trolls would be expected to bounce and dance to somewhere in the deepest wild and dark forest.

“Behind The Inverted Cross” is, in my opinion, one of the greatest tracks from the album. It reminded me of Watain in its intensity and incendiary force, in particular “Stellarvore”.From the very first note to the last chord it seemed as if the flames of hell were blazing everywhere.

“Vultures”, which brought back memories of both Satyricon “Phoenix” and 1349 “Dødskamp” due to the combination of a melancholic guitar line melody and high-speed drums.

And, of course, the song “Kothi Kuolemaa” attracts special attention. May the band forgive me, but at the first few seconds I thought I was listening to the “Freezing Moon” opening riff, which left me in a bit of shock. The melody, however, unfolds then into a completely different pattern, and this is where the similarities with Mayhem end. The next notable thing about the track is that it’s the only song in Finnish in the entire album. Interspersed with a dark and dense, tar-like doom motif and the unquenchable, fierce blastbeats that replace it are also very beautifully combined into a dark and formidable coalescence.

The most vivid impression from the “Satanic North” album: the whole time I listened to it, I couldn’t leave the feeling of “good old times” – or it would be more appropriate to say “evil old times.” The album brings together all those “typical” things that are associated with true black metal: satan, hatred, demons and blasphemy (done on purpose and as a joke, I believe).

I haven’t had this much energy in a long time. While listening to this album, I did a full spring cleaning in my apartment. It’s a pity I don’t have a garden; I probably would have enough strength to cut down a couple of trees. In any case, the hands automatically reach for the ax – despite the fact that I actually am a fragile, tiny girl. I don’t recommend listening to the album near a church, in sum. And stay away from matches! 


Line up:

  • Skomorokh – Guitars
  • Von Occult – Vocals
  • IIT Caprae – Bass, Vocals (backing)
  • Abyssir – Drums


  1. War
  2. Arise
  3. Village
  4. Hatred and Blashemy
  5. Four Demons
  6. Behind the Inverted Cross
  7. Vultures
  8. Wolf
  9. Kohti kuolemaa
  10. Satanic North