19 April 2024

23-02-2024 Therion

Supports: Keops
Metropool, Enschede (Netherlands)

Therion is on the road again and as we had a chat with them about their latest album in our Christmas series on youtube, it seems only logical to go see them live.Here is what we witnessed.

The venue had, up until the day of the show no mention of a support on their website, so even though they were mentioned on the tour flyer we were not sure whether Keops would have made it to Enschede. As it was their last show with Therion, you never know what could have been preventing them to be there, but luckily we found them on the stage when we arrived.

Keops is a Croatian metal band and they seem very eager to entertain the Therion fans who came out early. They constantly seek the interaction with the audience and that combined with their enthusiasm surely wins over some of them. Last November the band released a single and seem happy to introduce some more new material soon.

Now Therion has a long career behind them with a rich discography to pull from. Given the fact the band is playing a show of almost two hours, you can expect a wide variety of material to come by. Their latest album “Leviathan III” which we discussed in our interview is of course well represented, but the band goes back in history as well. So we heard several tracks of the “Vovin” album coming by for example. That album was released in 1998.

Also nice for the fans, Lori Lewis is back touring with the band after many years of absence. Her voice combined with Rosalía Sairem brings a nice ambiance to the stage. Some show elements here and there, the interaction between all the members is interesting to watch. Each has their own unique look and style of performing but it blends together nicely.

Towards the end vocalist Thomas announces it is time for some classics to be played and tracks like “Son of the Staves of Time”, “The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah” are played to please to the crowd. Closing the evening with “To Mega Therion” is making the audience happy for the last time tonight before the band says their goodbyes. Therion has played a show exactly as you may expect from a band with their history. They are not greedy in the songs they play, a long set is played where other bands cut it short much earlier. A great experience for the Therion fans and those who enjoy the symphonic sound they make.