25 February 2024
Old Crow Medicine show

Old Crow Medicine Show – Paint This Town

Releasedate:   22-04-2022
Label:  ATO

Old Crow Medicine Show is an American formation that makes Americana. They are based in Tennessee and have been active since 1998. This year they released the album “ Paint This Town”.

Gosh, in this festival season where I’m full-on Metal, this album is quite a change. A cheerful country sound is played right from the start and although sometimes you may feel a snarl of sarcasm coming through it never seems something that is insurmountable. The issues that target the world anno 2022 and longer going are lightly coming by, you listen but still can take a drink and rationalize it.

Also a thing that comes to notice while listening this album is that there is a lot of variation in it. Every song is quite different and yet it fills in line with the rest. “ Honey Chile” is an intense song about the matters of the heart while a track like “ Lord Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise” is much more bombastic.

With “ Used To Be A Mountain” we are talking more about the now, climate change, a topic so much on spot every day.

So where does this release fit in a metalheads collection? Well, those who are having their collection a bit wider than the solid metal releases will find themselves enjoying this album to calmly listen to on a dreary afternoon or on the play while roadtripping to and from wherever. Maybe simply on a cheerful night with friends. Old Crow Medicine Show has made an album that listens easy and thereful easily has a place for many.


Line up:
  • Mike Harris – guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, vocals
  • Morgan Jahnig – upright bass
  • Jerry Pentecost– drums, marching snare drum, washboard, mandolin, vocals
  • Ketch Secor – vocals, fiddle, harmonica, banjo, guitar, cigar box guitar
  • Mason Via – guitar, guitjo, vocals
  • Cory Younts – mandolin, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Old Crow Medicine show


  1. Paint This Town
  2. Bombs Away
  3. Gloryland
  4. Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise
  5. Honey Chile
  6. Reasons to Run
  7. Painkiller
  8. Used to Be a Mountain
  9. Deford Rides Again
  10. New Mississippi Flag
  11. John Brown’s Dream
  12. Hillbilly Boy