23 July 2024

Shocker – Fractured Visions Of The Mind

Releasedate:   08-10-2023

The Belgian formation Shocker had their album “Fractured Visions Of The Mind” out last year, but we received it only now, we luckily had a free spot for them to be looked after.

The formation blends a variety of genres into their sound having an HardRock sound meeting Heavy. Most of the band members we have seen before with their other/previous projects so it seems an interesting mix got together in the lineup.

Some of the tracks are having a vehement feel. Take for example the track “Injecting The Parasite”, a lenghty track that seems to have the best of all in it. Or “Time Does Not Heal” where the whole repeats itself.
Finding some calmer moments brings you to a track like Stranded On The Borderline where you can zoom in to the details, or album closer “And So It Has Begun”. Most surprising track is “Surviving The Night as the vocals are strong with the right dose of catchiness.

Altogether it is a fine release. Sometimes I would have liked the tracks to be a tad bit more together, but that is mainly a personal preference. Shocker has a release that will please many and above all gives the impression of something you need to see live to gather the full experience of it.

Line up:

  • Sammy Peleman – Vocals
  • Koen Vanassche – Bass, backing vocals
  • Chris Dedeurwaerder – Guitar, keys
  • David Vandewalle – Guitars
  • Louis Genovese – Drums


  1. Shattered
  2. Injecting The Parasite
  3. Stranded On The Borderline
  4. Where Shrinking Violets Grow
  5. Sands Of Time
  6. Time Does Not Heal
  7. Survive The Night
  8. Fractured Visions Of The Mind
  9. And So It Has Begun