25 May 2024

Enrique Iglesias – Final (Vol 2)

Release date:   29-03-2024
Label: Sony Music

Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer and songwriter. He has been making music since 1995, causing millions of hearts to beat faster. Throughout the years he has grown an international fan base and has released eleven studio albums, three greatest hits albums, played ten sold out world tours and has worked on countless collaborations. This is his brand new – and presumably last – album: “Final (Vol 2)”. Previously, Enrique Iglesias explained to end his musical career in two steps. While the first step was the release of the album “Final (Vol 1)” in 2021, here is part two of this end of an era. 

“Final (Vol 2)” comes with ten albums and lasts for 30 minutes. The album includes various guest artists and spreads love and heartache with every note. The opening song “Asi es la Vida” begins fast and thriving, and so there album continues with catchy tunes and smooth rhythms that will get stuck in your head easily and get you going along. Some songs are faster and might get you dancing along to, while others are slower and will get you swaying along to and get you thinking. “Be Together”, for example, is a more slower and more thoughtful song.

Most songs are ins Spanish, some are in English as well though. All songs sound honest and will touch your heart while listening. Some songs might resonate with you after the album has ended. The album definitely leaves behind a void after the last note has ceased, which will cause you to press play again. 

So here it is: Enrique Iglesis’ “Final (Vol 2)”. These ten songs surely make up for thirty minutes of pleasure. This album is filled with beautiful pop music that will touch your heart and dig underneath your skin. Enrique Iglesias announced this to be his last album, so check it out and listen to it carefully. “Final (Vol 2) is out now. Go check it out. 


  1. ASI ES LA VIDA feat. Maria Becerra
  2. Fria feat. Youtel
  3. Space in My Heart feat. Miranda Lambert
  4. La Botella feat. El Alfa
  5. Love and Pain
  6. Me Voy Acostumbrando
  7. Como Yo
  8. Llorame Un Rio (feat. Belinda)
  9. Be Together
  10. Expacio en Tu Corazon