25 May 2024
Then Comes Silence - Trickery

Then Comes Silence – Trickery

Release date: 5 April 2024
Label: Metropolis Records


Stockholm-based goth rockers Then Comes Silence are back! Known for their punchy post-rock riffs and darkly fun beats, the trio have spent plenty of time in the studio. During the height of the pandemic, the group even offered virtual shows and released a few EPs along the way. Now, after the success of 2020’s Machine, Then Comes Silence are set to release their latest offering, Trickery.

The Album

The album opens with Ride or Die, a calm yet morbid ballad with a simple, fuzzy guitar solo. After this, Like A Hammer kicks in with an intriguing drum beat and mysterious guitar, both harmonizing under Svenson’s vocals. Next, Feel The Cold gives a unique feel with a poppy synth and tight drums, the vocals a soothing melody. The synth and bass play off each other here almost coyly, the guitar taking a bit of a back seat. Tears And Cries starts with a plaintively whining synth and a slow guitar, Svenson’s vocals very deliberate. A guest artist also appears here, vocals harmonizing lowly with Svenson.

A rough set of strums to the guitar introduce Stay Strange, a loud and insistent track with urgent, distorted vocals. Halfway through, Stiffs is half chilling and half hard-rocking, all three members competing before giving in to a carnival ride. Next is Blind Eye, a drum-heavy, guitar-driven track with a choir comprised of Svenson’s vocals playing along the scales. The Masquerade plays like a more typical new wave song, synth-based and with a more simple drum beat. Hints of Depeche Mode or New Order are mixed under Svenson’s typical goth vocals that is utterly delightful.

After this, a hollowly ringing guitar and humming bass comprise Never Change, the synth filling the gaps of silence. Dead Friend begins with a buzzing synth, then explodes into an almost punky kind of song. At just under two minutes, this track is fun and catchy without overstaying its welcome. Hesitant at first, Runners starts off shakily but recovers into a somewhat monotonous bass-forward track. Attention should be paid to both the drums and synth here, which do the majority of the work. The final track on the album, Ghost House, is also the longest as well as the most haunting. Another guest harmony under Svenson’s typical crooning helps achieve this sound, quick drums and rhythmic guitar holding it all together to the end.

A Final Word

Then Comes Silence know how to evoke a certain feeling of cool darkness with their music. Sometimes leaning heavily into the goth while other times dipping into new wave or punk, the trio always compose songs best listened to with the lights off. While Trickery may not have the oomph felt throughout Machine, this album definitely maintains the particular vibe Then Comes Silence are known for. All in all, it’s a solid album and well worth a listen.

Line up:

  • Alex Svenson – Vocals, bass, synthesizer
  • Hugo Zombie – Guitar
  • Jonas Fransson – Drums


  1. Ride or Die
  2. Like A Hammer
  3. Feel The Cold
  4. Tears And Cries
  5. Stay Strange
  6. Stiffs
  7. Blind Eye
  8. The Masquerade
  9. Never Change
  10. Dead Friend
  11. Runners
  12. Ghost House