25 February 2024
Pink Mountaintops – Peacock Pools

Pink Mountaintops – Peacock Pools

Releasedate:  06-05-2022
Label:  Ato

Pink Mountaintops is a project by Stephen McBean. This year he releases the album “ Peacocks Pools”  which album number five  for him.

A quite psychedelic  sound comes to you when you start playing this album. Sometimes you hear the music going back in time, but with a modern production and touch to it you never feel like this is something you have heard before already. Interesting to see Stephen makes it so that it has still a refreshing sound to it.

Danceable tunes with heavier influences, punk feel, a bit of indie… All these different influences form Peacock Pools. Songs like “ Shake The Dust” have a bit of all that and still come with a catchy, dreamy feel.  “ Swollen Maps”, straight after that starts off with a bit more of that Punk touch, slight bit of Beatsteaks vibe, it is a short track that leads you to “Lights of the City” which goes a bit more for the pop rock side of it.

You could say that Pink Mountaintops are taking you on a strange ride, it is so much and yet it comes together nicely. Here and there some oddities that are not even falling far from the rest, a course that is well engineered and thought of. “ Peacock Pools” is an album that has been worked on with attention for details and the bigger picture at the same time. Well done!


Pink Mountaintops – Peacock Pools


01 Nervous Breakdown
02 Nikki Go Sudden
03 Blazing Eye
04 You Still Around
05 Shake the Dust
06 Swollen Maps
07 Lights of the City
08 Miss Sundown
09 Lady Inverted Cross
10 Muscles
11 All This Death Is Killing Me
12 The Walk – Song for Amy