25 May 2024

Einvigi announces new album and some shows

Einvigi, who combines bright melodies with black metal-inspired expression, will release their third full-length album Monokroma on March 1st. Now the second single Alive yesterday, has been released from the album, which also has a music video.

“The song is about a reality that resembles our own, but it doesn’t exist. It’s quiet and dead, a borderline between life and death, which actually resembles the upside-down world of the Stranger Things series. We humans consist mostly of elements and get our energy from the sun. We are all here only for a moment, guests of the eternal stream. Let’s use our time well, respecting nature and each other”, says the band’s singer-guitarist Petteri Granberg.

The band from Turku has been developing their sound that follows the paths of atmospheric metal for a long time, and next year, in addition to their album release, they will be celebrating their tenth anniversary. Like the previous album, the publisher of the upcoming album is the German Einheit Produktionen.

Einvigi will be touring as part of this album release as follows:
21.3. Bar Loose, Helsinki. Featuring Marrasmieli and Kneel B

Petteri Granberg – Vocals, Guitar
Joonas Koppanen – Backing vocals, bass
Krister Virtanen – Guitar
Mikael Ruoho – Drums


Yö Kulje Kanssani (Einheit produktionen, 2022)
Sielulintu (Inverse Records, 2020)
Yön Kuningatar -single (2018)


Bandcamp: https://einvigiband.bandcamp.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/einvigiband/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@einvigibandofficial
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/12lspUHMcheVcVtE5et9TF?si=4TktHeXaTqqxF7cQPhdLWg