25 May 2024
Lordi - By Sabine van Gameren

Lordi – 30-03-2023

Interview with: Hella & Manna
By: Milla Smile

Lordi is releasing their new album “Screem Writers Guild” right now. Milla has been reviewing the album and decided to ask the band a couple of questions.

Screem Writers Guild

Lordi - By Aoife Towell

* Firstly congratulations on”Screem Writers Guild”! How are you doing and how does it feel to bring a new album out?

Hella: “Thanks! Feels like a million hollers!

Mana: “Thank you! Party every day.”

* You released two lyric videos. Would you say that those songs are highlights of the album?

Hella: “Hmm…I wouldn’t necessarily say so! Picking up singles wasn’t easy this time!”

Mana: “It’s always a challenge to choose the best and also have some variety among the singles so that they reflect the whole album evenly.”

* What are your personal highlights from the album?

Hella: “My favourites are Dead Again Jayne and End Credits.”

Mana: “Dead Again Jayne is a killer starter and End Credits wraps the
album nicely.”

Lordi - By Aoife Towell

* “Screem Writers Guild” stands beyond music and dives into cinematic effect. If you would make a soundtrack for any type of (horror) movie, what kind-of movie would this be?

Mana: “Obviously it would a horror movie. Maybe a 80’s slasher -style
would be the most suitable and easy for us to write.”

* “Screem Writers Guild” is surely a tribute to award shows, and there is a promo shoot where all the members are nominated in different categories. What does popularity represent to you personally?

Hella: “Poplularity for the band means people have found our music and they dig it. Personally, I don’t categorize myself to be anything special just because I am part of a known group.”

Mana: “Personally it means nothing, but for the band it’s everything. You can’t run a succesful band without popularity. “

Looking back and forward

* Lordi’s story spans three decades. In your opinion, how has the sound of Lordi changed during the last ten years?

Lordi - By Sabine van Gameren

Hella: “Hmm it has developed over the years, tried out different styles, but still kept it’s main idea the same. “
Mana: “I think the point where the sound has really changed has been just recently when we got a new guitarist “Kone” who has quite a different style of playing than “Amen” had. “

* You are a highly productive band with seven records in ten years! What is the secret of this productivity? What inspires you most in making music?

Hella: “Mr. Lordi is the secret. He’s a creativity machine, song writing maniac, inexhaustible bank of ideas.”

* Could you tell us a bit about your touring plans for “Screem Writers Guild”?

Hella: “We will play an album release show in Malta on 31st of March and then we hit the roads of Europe for few weeks supporting Sabaton on their The Tour To End Of All Tours. Some summer festival shows have already been announced and something cooking for the end of 2023/early

* Speaking of touring, what’s the most memorable venue across the globe for you?

Hella: “Was quite impressive to play in the huge arena of Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam. Can’t wait to be back there on May 3rd!”

Mana: “Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Saitama arena in Tokyo, Hellfest, Wacken Open Air… So many!”

* Stepping back to fame of the band, The “Lordiary” book was released last September, which is in Finnish. Do you have plans to release the book in English?

Mana: “The book was mainly Mr. Lordi’s project, but I’m pretty sure there are talks of translation rights as we speak.”

* Last but not least, can you guess who will win the Eurovision Song Contest this year?

Hella: “I wish all the best for our own wild card from Finland, Käärijä! I also like alot the band Lord Of The Lost, this year representing Germany in ESC.”

Mana: “I haven’t heard any of the songs, but I’m pretty sure Ukraine is going to be strong. And rightfully so.”

* Any last words you want to share with your fans?

Mana: I hope these are not my last words, but: Stay heavy, rock on, breath, eat, sleep, drink and see you on the road!

Lordi - By Sabine van Gameren


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