Omnium Gatherum – Origin

Releasedate:  05-11-2021 Label: Century Media Records   

Omnium Gatherum is a Finnish melodic death metal band. They have been active since 1996 making Melodic Death Metal. This year the band is releasing a new album. It is called “Origin” and it is out now.

It is album number nine for the Finnish formation already. Through the years the band has done countless shows all over the world and established a sound that is quite steady and recognizable on each release they bring. This album is not any different. At the first listening we were therefore having the feeling of another piece to listen to, but not feeling much of a difference. However, experience learns that you have to listen a bit more and then the details will reveal themselves.

You will start to notice how “Paragon” has a bit more punch to it than the others, how “Fortitude” is being a bit slower and how the chaos of “Solemn” provides a truly interesting end to this release. Regardless the fact that the line up of the band changed a bit since the last release, the album is still much in line with what you know Omnium Gatherum from. Brought with the same quality it is, though, not an album that will surprise the fans much. Have they chosen a safe way or are they simply sticking with the formula that worked for them all these years?

Personally I would have loved to hear them take a bit more of a risk here and there, just to keep in interesting but nevertheless this a fine album to listen to. If it is good quality it does not hurt to have more of the same and when you take the time to listen to the album a bit deeper you’ll find some surprises here and there.


Line up:
  • Markus Vanhala – Guitars, Songwriting
  • Aapo Koivisto – Keyboards
  • Jukka Pelkonen – Vocals, Lyrics
  • Tuomo Latvala – Drums
  • Mikko Kivistö – Bass, Songwriting
omnium gatherum


  1. Emergence
  2. Prime
  3. Paragon
  4. Reckoning
  5. Fortitude
  6. Friction
  7. Tempest
  8. Unity
  9. Solemn