The End A.D. ‎– It’s All In Your Mind

Releasedate: 22-10-2021 Label: Fastball music

The End A.D is a formation from Philidelphia (USA) making a combination of Punk and Hardcore. Two full lengths were released and the band’s latest release is the EP called “It’s All In Your Head”.

As influences for the band you may think for example to Agnostic Front, but also Motörhead. Listening to the EP it does not take long to notice there is a lot of power behind these songs. Vocalist Ami lays down a strong sound that grabs simply most of the attention but don’t be mistaken that it is all the band has to give, because instrumentally they have got their sound together quite well also. Drums are backing the whole up well but that guitars and the bass are laying into that crossover sound well. Bit of groove to it.

Interestingly the band decided to add a cover this EP and it is Deep Purple’s “Bloodsucker” that was chosen. A choice that does not seem to be the most obvious one but turned out well. The band clearly turned into the style of The End A.D.

Overall the EP tells us one thing. Time for the world to open up and have touring internationally be an option once again. This kind of music is something you need to see live. In a club, on a sunny festival day… wherever. Feel the energy.


Line up:
  • Lorin Savadove – Drums
  • Paul Juestrich – Guitars
  • Ami Friend – Vocals
  • Jim Weiss – Bass

1 Death Cult
2 Stink
3 Bloodsucker
4 Head
5 Unnamed Unloved