Sarke – Allsighr

Releasedate:  05-11-2021 Label: Soulseller Records   

Sarke is Norwegian band making Black Metal with various influences. The band released an album called “Gastwerso” in 2019 and now returns with album number seven. It is called “Allsighr” and it is out now.

“Gastwerso” is an album we still have on regular rotation so when a new one arrived we were eager to give it a try. The unique blend of genres returns once again with this release, the confidential sound of Sarke is there from the first song. It is a logic follow up from its predecessor, not breaking away from what we heard there.

Where do you hear the differences? Well, there is more attention for the individual elements, Riffs jumping out a bit more, getting more spotlight. Straight to be heard in “Bleak Reflections”
The poetic way in which the lyrics are written, combined with a raw way of vocalizing them, brings a smile to our faces. Also here it seems to be coming out a bit clearer, the production of the album is taken a slight step further into the details which benefits their music well.

“Funeral Fire” is one of these examples that showcases the blend of all these elements well, brought together in a way that makes it easy to listen to. Have it impact you. The melodic parts on title track “Allsighr” are leading you into the song and they continue with that on the next track. But, then there are more groovy parts that are taking over that service.

At the first listen you will say it has a lot of recognizable elements, but listen it twice and you start to hear the unique blend coming out even better than before. Sarke made a fine release, which you may not expect to like that much more than “Gastwerso” than it does in later stadium, but you find it will grow on you. And then it exceeds your expectations immensely.

Line up:

Sarke – Bass
Nocturno Culto – Vocals
Steinar Gundersen – Guitars
Anders Hunstad – Keyboards
Cato Bekkevold – Drums



  1. Bleak Reflections
  2. Grim Awakening
  3. Funeral Fire
  4. Allsighr
  5. Beheading of the Circus Director
  6. Through the Thorns
  7. Glacial Casket
  8. Sleep in Fear
  9. The Reverberation of the Lost
  10. Imprisoned