26 November 2022

Bacio Di Tosca – Hälfte Des Lebens

Releasedate: 05-02-2010; Label: Caput-Medusae-Records
By: Nina Mende

Bacio Di Tosca is a German music project of the mezzo soprano Dörthe Flemming. She is extremely inspired by classic music and German classic songs and combines these elements with Dark Electro elements. The name Bacio Di Tosca (kiss of Tosca) is form the opera Tosca.

The music is very classical and her voice is pure. Slow and familiar the music is filling the room. Some songs feel very known if you are familiar with classic music. All lyrics are in German. The music is deep and piercing; the sound is huge and fills every inch of the room, surrounding you completely. Even though it is said that Dörthe Flemming combines classic with Dark Electro elements I could only find a few songs on the album that include these elements. “Vergeben” for example was one of them. “Hälfte Des Lebens” is the third release of Bacio Di Tosca. The album seems long because of the big and slow sound, but it is only about 52 minutes long. Of course you can also find classic instruments on this album such as violin and piano. The album booklet has the layout of an old photo album with old pictures. The booklet also includes the lyrics to each song. On the cover you can find the singer and her in old in the mirror image. Bacio Di Tosca is a very interesting album, one you cannot find too often.

1. Das Herz ist mir bedrückt
2. Hälfte des Lebens
3. Lamentationen
4. Ist mancher so gegangen
5. Himmelstrauer
6. Vergeben
7. Der Schmerz
8. Rückgedenken
9. Gestutzte Eiche
10. Reue
11. Ich war einmal
12. Verborgenheit
13. Die Weihe der Nacht
14. Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

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