29 January 2023

Freedom Call – Legend of the Shadow King

Releasedate: 29-01-2010; Label: SPV
By: Sabine van Gameren

The German Power Metal band Freedom Call might not be an unknown name for the average metalfan. The band formed in 1998 and is now releasing their seventh album “Legend of the Shadow King”.

As usual Freedom Call brings a whole lot of double bass drumming by Dan Zimmerman, who is the drummer from the first hour. The whole album falls logical in the line of the discography the band has produced and for this album the band tells the story of king Ludwig II, a team that will live up for fantasy fans as dragons, knights and heroes pass by. The album has 14 tracks, the band has put quite some effort for their fans, having a total playing time for almost one hour. The vocals Chris Bay have a familiar edge, it has been heard before even when you don’t count the older albums.
Nevertheless the album is a story that a lot of power metal fans will adopt easily. It has a start and an end, clearly a good storyline, lyrically and musically and nothing that we did not expect from these Germans. Fans will be satisfied and for the people who have not heard of the band before, it is worth checking out as it might be an interesting introduction into power metal.

Chris Bay – vocals, guitar
Lars Rettkowitz – guitar
Samy Saemann – bass
Dan Zimmermann – drums

1. Out of the Ruins
2. Thunder God
3. Tears of Babylon
4. Merlin – Legend of the Past
5. Resurrection Day
6. Under the Spell of the Moon
7. Dark Obsession
8. The Darkness
9. Remember!
10. Ludwig II – Prologue
11. The Shadowking
12. Merlin – Requiem
13. Kingdom of Madness
14. A Perfect Day

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