18-08-2009 Nim Vid

Supports: Lotus Feed; Venue: Sonic Ballroom, Cologne (Germany)
By: Nina Mende

Tonight I went to Cologne, to the Sonic Ballroom to be precise. As I arrived quite some people were standing outside already. Even though doors had been open already they rather enjoyed the sunshine outside before the show started.

The first band of the evening was a local band called Lotus Feed. They played something between bat cave and punk rock. The singer was totally passionate about the songs. The band was very good and passionate in my opinion. The little club was crowded but they were still staying away from the stage. Yet did everybody like Lotus Feed. Unfortunately the band only played a short set.

The next band was a Canadian trio called Nim Vind. They play Rock, and I would not call it Horrorpunk or Punk as some others do. One might think I am a Nim Vind fan, have been one for ages and have seen them live a billion times already. But I am not a fan and I haven’t seen them live before, ever! I only knew very few of the older songs. So I was very curious what they would be like live. The little dark Sonic Ballroom was now totally crowded. The girls rushed to the front in no time. I’m sure in their mind they thought that Nim Vind looked so good that he came on like a silver torpedo. His set sounded like a firework display and the girls were fainting everywhere in the front row. But maybe that was also because of the heat.
At the climax of the set, he turned into Silver dust and floated out of the room while his words were still ringing in the lucky people’s ears. Some people in the audience couldn’t control their violent excitement. Nim Vind played old and new songs and their set lasted for about an hour. The venue had turned into a sauna by now and everybody was dancing to the music. It was awesome. I totally did not expect that. In their set they also included a The Doors medley.

Many kids bought a poster and are looking at it right now while I listen to his new album, “The Stillness Illness” available through Silverdust Records and wait for the band to come back soon.

I also attended the shows in Illingen where they played with Blitzkid the first night and added a second night due to the first one being sold out and people had to be sent away again. That was really great. The shows were just as passionate and magical as the ones before. The people loved the band as well as the music. Therefore my final words are: NIM VIND rules.
Their style rules, their music rules, each one of the three rules and their attitude rules.

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24 August 2009