19 April 2024

Revengine – Why Follow Road So Narrow

Releasedate: 2014
By: Sabine van Gameren

Revengine is a band from Finland making Rock/Metal music. The band formed in 2007 and released some small releases, but anno 2011 they come with their full length album “The Absence”. Then at 2014 the guys return with a new release. “Why Follow Road So Narrow” is out now.

The band is back to be a trio, earlier they had recruited a new guitarist but now the band is back to the three of them we are curious to hear what that would mean for the sound. And yet in the studio they got to work with Arska Laurila know of working with Apulanta , Klamydia and SubUrbanTribe. Those are all energetic acts so that was what we are hoping to find back in this release and we are not disappointed. Catchy sound, but not giving in on the heaviness. A bit of an American twist you could find, yet this may not have been something new for the fans of this band either. Where the band improved on is the fact that the songs hit you a bit faster than on the previous release. Would you have to listen it more often before, you can have these songs stuck in mind right away, which makes that the album is one that has hit potential.

A heavy rock album with class it is. The band grew over themselves and has delivered a solid release that you will keep listening.

Line up:
Antti Jokiranta – Vocals, Guitar
Jouni Yli-Rantala – Drums
Juha Järvelä – Bass

Revengine - Why Follow Road So Narrow Tracklist:
01. Not of This Time
02. My Charade
03. EOL
04. Sky Burial
05. Blackened Mind
06. Paraside
07. Still Ain’t Lost My Way
08. Unto Utter Desolation
09. Yet Here We Are
10. Cycle

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