25 May 2024

Audrey Horne – Pure Heavy

Releasedate: 2014; Label: Napalm Records
By: Nina Mende

Audrey Horne are a hard rock band from Bergen, Norway. The band took its name from Sherilyn Fenn’s character in the cult TV series Twin Peaks. This is their fifth album called “Pure Heavy”.

Coming with eleven songs and a total album duration of almost forty-five minutes this album will rotate for a while in your players, ears and mind. With heavy and melodic guitar playing this album is definitely timeless. The style of the guitar playing as well as the vocals sound like past meets the future – in a good way. It is a very interesting sound that keeps your attention till the end. The vocals are a little in the background so the main focus sound wise is on the guitar. Catchy melodies drag you along and speed up your heartbeat and pulse. The singer sings his songs in the background, still present but not right in your face. The voice sounds smooth, not as edgy or emotional as some other rock bands do. And that is an interesting fact about this album.

Not the vocals or lyrics are touching you and your heart. It is mainly the guitar riffs delivering emotions and creating an atmosphere for “Pure Heavy”. And that makes this album a must have for you. Go get it now. And don’t miss Audrey Horne on the road when they hit your town.

Audrey Horne - Pure Heavy Tracklist:
01. Wolf In My Heart
02. Holy Roller
03. Out Of The City
04. Volcano Girl
05. Tales From The Crypt
06. Diamond
07. Into The Wild
08. Gravity
09. High And Dry
10. Waiting For The Night
11. Boy Wonder

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