5 June 2023

Hell:on – Age of Oblivion

Releasedate: 03-07-2012; Label: MSR Productions
By: Sabine van Gameren

Thrash metal formation Hell:on has its origin in Ukraine. The band got their groovy influences and is anno 2012 ready for their third full length album called: “Age of Oblivion”.

Hell:on has a strong sound, giving you just a couple of second to realize what you can expect and then rages through the track list like maniacs. Very confident sound, no bullshit and that speaks for them. With their groovy sound the band seem to find inspiration in bands like Sepultura, but all with their own sense to it. What makes this album stand out is the way they gave everyone a good place in their sound, nothing is left behind, the drums are coming forward as much as needed to get your special attention drawn to it. This as well for all the other instruments, which makes that this album is one you could listen to dozens of times and yet discovering new great moments. As a surprise the band included a track featuring Jeff Waters, known from Annihilator, which adds a little spice to it all. The band surely brought us an album that is very energetic and you simply feel the energy they give coming through you. Hell:on knows what they are doing and doing it great!

Line Up:
Slayer – Bass
Leshiy – Drums
Hellion – Guitars
Olexandr Bayev – Vocals
Tony Alien – Guitars


  1. Disaster
  2. Bottom Line
  3. Rise
  4. Let it Feed
  5. My Doll
  6. Punk Guys (Мастер cover)
  7. Emptiness
  8. Burn
  9. In the Name of…
  10. Voices of the Abyss
  11. Satan

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