23 September 2023

Lukas Batteau – Lukas Batteau

Releasedate: 31-08-2012
By: Sabine van Gameren

Lukas Batteau is an American/Dutch singer-songwriter. By the end of 2008 he is ready for the release of his second EP.

Soft, charming vocals, imagine a bit like Adam Zadok with an European edge to it. Warm and welcome that’s what the first impression of Lukas Batteau sets down to you. Musically the four tracks on the EP are quite filled. No way that you have to fill in too much by yourself, Lukas does not like to stay stuck in the minimalistic, a backing band gives plenty material to fill it all up. It’s said he took his time for the EP and apparently this shows off now. The major point in the release is the melodic part. This really adds up to the vocals and create the leverage effect for mr. Batteau. The track that is most surprising is the third track on the release “The Substance of Things”. Everything is just right about this track. What is a little bit of a bummer is that the release only has four tracks. It listens so easy and you could create dreamy atmospheres listening to it, but you probably need more tracks to keep holding that feeling. Simple said, a release that you want more off.

Line up:
Lukas Batteau – Vocals, Guitar
Jelte Heringa – Keys
Nicky Hustinx – Drums
Merijn van de Wijdeven – Bass

01. Go
02. Snowflake
03. The Substance of Things
04. Serenade

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