22 September 2023

Revengine – The Absence

Releasedate: 27-07-2011;
By: Sabine van Gameren

Revengine is a band from Finland making Rock/Metal music. The band formed in 2007 and released some small releases, but anno 2011 they come with their full length album “The Absence”.

Since their last release “Plan Your Escape” the band have changed a bit, found a second guitar player and then came to a renewed sound of Revengine. Yet, the first to notice is that the band start numbering the tracks by number 2. So that must be the absence in here as there are actually 8 tracks in the album. The songs in the album are pretty much all steady rock songs. Think of a less catchier version of Seether. Revengine sets a stronger background than before with the guitars now being more upfront that ever, but remain to keep a healthy balance in it all. Raw vocals of Antti are a stronger in this release than before, perhaps a bit less present as the instrumental part of the music takes up some place now as well.
Overall “The Absence” is an album that you will need to listen quite some times to feel it, it must grow on you mainly because the band is not going for the most obvious ways of catching the listeners. But yet, this is the band’s strongest release so far and it sounds like Revengine is a band you love to see live.

Line Up:
Antti Jokiranta – Vocals, Guitar
Juha Järvelä – Bass
Jouni Yli-Rantala – Drums
Ossi Hytönen – Guitar

02. Area
03. The Absence
04. Live With Yourself
05. Characterized
06. Envy
07. Believe
08. Revolver

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