25 February 2024

Vermin – Paradise

Releasedate: 25-03-2011; Label: Heretic Visions Productions
By: Sabine van Gameren

Vermin is a Death Metal formation from Germany. Don’t confuse them with any other bands having the same name, these guys have their album “Paradise” out right now.

The band makes Old School Death Metal combined with some modern influences that make it a bit more at ease. May be you could say the production is quite clean for what you might have expected, but songs have the Old School touch over it at all times. This also results in not having too many surprising elements, the riffing is quite straightforward, the songs are not innovative, but nothing is wrong with the mid tempo songs that have a good groove and in general work quite well. Vermin got promoted with “creating their some kind of unique Death Metal style” which unfortunately did not really come through. Feel a bit of Entombed in here, feel the Swedish scene in here and you quite get what brought them here, but although “Paradise” is a decent album, that fans of Old School Death Metal will enjoy anyway, the band did not succeed in showing off that unique style well enough. It is the band’s debut album, so who knows how surprising they will be in future releases, but it is not that album that changes your life.

Line Up:
Bodi – Vocals
Stephan Hurtig – Guitar
Simon “Bobo” – Bass
Manuel Herz – Drums

02.While You Were Dead
03.Empty Eyes
05.Mourning Sun
06.Froze Mirror
07.Public Violation
09.Spread Your Wings

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