22 September 2023

Slaves to Gravity – Underwaterouterspace

Releasedate: 18-04-2011; Label: SPV
By: Sabine van Gameren

Slaves to Gravity are a Hard Rock band formed in the summer of 2006 in London, England.
The band was founded by the three remaining members of the now defunct hard rock band The Ga Ga’s, and Mark Verney, formerly of Ariel-X. “Underwaterouterspace” is the band’s second full length release.

Basically the band is not that hard as you might have expected, is it their name or something else, the image on them seems to be rougher than thought. They do have the grunge feeling over them, but the vocals are nice and clean. The guitars often a bit polished in the production. Typical chart material from them, with a rock edge on it. Perhaps the commercial side of them will bring them to a large audience, but those who are more into challenging music feel a bit mistreated by them. “Underwaterouterspace” is not exactly the album that stands out anyway, but it gives a type of music that will be picked up easily, it is catchy somehow and still has the contrast with a harder side. Nothing new under the sun by Slaves to Gravity, but there is the potential that it grows large and substantial.

Tommy Gleeson – Guitar + Vocals
Toshi Ogawa – Bass
Mark Verney – Lead Guitar
Jason Bowld – Drums

01.Good Advice
03.She’s Got Big Plans
06.Misery Pills
07.Silence Now
08.Youth Serrated
09.Lily Liver
10.Last Ignition
11.This Time It’s Terminal
12.Negative Pose (bonus)

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