23 July 2024

Redeem – 999

Releasedate: 06-05-2011; Label: Rockville / Soulfood
By: Nina Mende

Redeem is a Swiss indie rock band founded in 2003.Eight years ago Stefano «Saint» Paolucci founded Redeem, initially just for fun and to have a beer with his friends. It actually became way more serious. After releasing their debut album in 2006, this is their second album called “999”.

The new album has the title “999” and the album cover looks like it was actually supposed to be a 666. Also the band promo picture creates the image of them being a gothic or metal band, or at least to be much different than they actually are. So I was very surprised as I listened to the album. Twelve tracks of awesomely catchy rock music is what you get on “999”. Redeem mixed up the slow and fast songs on the album. The great voice manages to touch with each word. All lyrics can be found in the booklet. The pictures in the booklet are black and white with red shading on white pages, a great combination of colors. Redeem created great music with a big and clear sound. An album that will be stuck in your player and your head for a while, “999” is a must have for all rock fans. So go get it now.

Line up:
Stefano „Saint“ Paolucci – vocals
Roman “Pom” Albisser – bass
Simon Steiner – drums

01. Lost
02. Promises
03. Come To Speak To Me
04. Broken
05. Drowning
06. Adore
07. Gravity
08. One of these Days
09. The Lesson
10. Micro Suicide
11. Mrs. Green
12. Letter TO A Friend

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