24 June 2024

Eden Weint Im Grab – Geysterstunde 1

Releasedate: 06-05-2011; Label: Winter Solitude
By: Nina Mende

Eden Weint Im Grab is a German dark metal band from Berlin founded in 2002. Eden Weint Im Grab did not get their name until 2004, which was also the release year of their debut album. They have released three studio albums, two compilations and one EP so far. “Geysterstunde 1” is their fourth studio album and is out now.

Their fourth album, called “Geysterstunde 1”, comes with fifteen brand new tracks. All fifteen tracks on this album are in German. The lyrics are dark and evil telltales. It sounds like fairytales being sung by the boogeyman himself. Interesting lyrics dragging you deep into a dark world. The music is keeping you in a sort of trance. The titles are quite descriptive. All songs are inspiring and make you think about them. Some are quite historical as well, like taken out of a different time. The album creates a certain atmosphere, you won’t need to understand German to feel that. Fifteen tracks on “Geysterstunde 1” will take your mind away from here and now, take it to a different time and place. So go on a journey and enjoy the new release of Eden Weint Im Grab called “Geysterstunde 1”.

Alexander Paul Blake – production, screams, guitar, bass, programming
Michael Tamme – guitar
Marco Eckstein – guitar
Andrei Alexandru – guitar
Zeus X. Machina – drums

01. Geysterstunde
02. Moritat Des Leierkastenmanns
03. Armee Der Wiedergänger
04. Die Knochenmühle
05. Ein Requiem In Sepia
06. Feuer-Inferno (Vision Swedenborgs 1759)
07. Nautilus
08. Der Galgenvogel
09. Gespenster-Revue Im Theater Obszön
10. Friedhof Der Sterne
11. Irrfahrt Durchs Leichen-Labyrinth
12. Taphephobie
13. Tango Mortis (Feat. Jan Lubitzki)
14. Der Nachtalb – Eine Finstere Heimsuchung
15. Gang Durch Ein Modriges Beinhaus

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