23 July 2024

The Sand Collector – Lord of The Sun

Releasedate: 2011
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Sand Collector has its base quite some years back, but got into shape in 2009 when vocalist Pepe Belda joined the band as well as a second guitarist. The band worked to the release of “Lord of The Sun”.

The band has connections with the band Nahemah, as they shared vocalist before. Though they are not that similar, this band makes a heavy/stoner rock sound. They actually have a good flow going, the songs are bringing you right in the mood for a summer festival and this has to do with the riffing being catchy and furious, you can see the fans playing air guitar to it in your imagination. What works less for them is the fact that after a couple of songs you quite get their trick. The songs have much in common and therefore a little more variation would have been better. This mainly has to do with the strong structure.
Nevertheless The Sand Collector has made an album that has plenty of good things, the vocals work and here and there an oddity make it interesting to give it a go. “Lord of The Sun” is in my car this summer, driving from place to place it seems a fun companion. Just for that already its worth to get it.

Line Up:
Pepe Belda – Vocals
Julián Velasco – Guitar
Fernando Ferre – Guitar
Miguel A.Fernández – Drums
Tamo Giménez

01. The Chains Of Fear
02. Foxriver
03. Spirit
04. Who Laughs Now?
05. Soldier
06. Jupiter
07. Lord of the Sun
08. The Human Machine
09. IX
10. Sexy
11. Vatasa

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