31 March 2023

Title Fight – Shed

Releasedate: 06-05-2011; Label: SideOne Dummy
By: Nina Mende

Title Fight is an American hardcore band from Kingston, Pennsylvania, United States, formed in 2003. Title Fight plays music in the vein of Jawbreaker, Kid Dynamite and Lifetime, taking influence from such pop punk acts as Saves the Day and emo bands Knapsack and Seaweed. They are signed to SideOneDummy Records and have toured the United States with bands such as New Found Glory, Bayside and Senses Fail, also becoming a regular on the hardcore festival circuit playing such fests as This Is Hardcore, United Blood and Sound and Fury.

Now their debut album “Shed” is released. Twelve tracks that kick your ass. Fast punk music comes blasting right at you when pressing play. Energizing and catchy Title Fight drags you along. The vocals are not clean but instead slightly smoky and shouted. Whereas the first part of the album is fast and thriving, the second part of the album also contains some slower and more touchy songs. All tracks are very deep and are worth to be listened to closely. Title Fight is a great new punk band. It was about time for them to release an album, and well, here it is: “Shed” is waiting for you in your local record store, ready to be taken home.

01. Coxton Yard
02. Shed
03. Flood of ‘72
04. Society
05. You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You
06. Crescent-Shaped Depression
07. Safe In Your Skin
08. Where Am I?
09. Your Screen Door
10. 27
11. Stab
12. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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