29 January 2023

Virgin Steele – Noble Savage

Releasedate: 18-04-2011; Label: SPV/Steamhammer
By: Sabine van Gameren

Virgin Steele is a heavy metal band from New York, originally formed in 1981. The band released a few career highlights albums and they decided to re-release one of them, their third “Noble Savage”.

Originally this album was released in 1986 and this is not the first time it is re-issued. Edward Pursino had entered the band and he is still along anno 2011. He was responsible for bringing in many new ideas in the music. 25 years ago the album came to light and to celebrate the birth of this masterpiece of music history, label SPV collected a whole lot of bonus material to make sure the die-hard fans of Virgin Steel have a reason to get this celebration album in their collection as well. Besides that, there is a whole booklet with photo’s and notes of front man David DeFeis. Hear some live rehearsals, some new studio songs that are previously unreleased and an occasional re-mix. The original songs are senseless to tell you about as most readers will be aware of this album anyway, Virgin Steele have proven themselves in history and this album is brought to celebrate the band and its existence. It is a wonderful piece for collectors and if the album was somehow missing in your collection this is the right reason to get it. It’s your money more than worth, with all the bonus material and extra’s given. For those who prefer to hear it on vinyl, there is also an double LP on the market of this album.

Line Up (album):
David DeFeis – vocals, keyboards, producer
Ed Pursino – all guitars
Joe O’Reilly – bass
Joey Ayvazian – drums

1.We Rule The Night
2.I’m On Fire
3.Thy Kingdom Come
4.Image Of A Faun At Twilight
5.Noble Savage
6.Fight Tooth And Nail
7.The Evil In her Eyes
8.Rock Me
9.Don’t Close Your Eyes
10.The Angel Of Light
11.Obession (It Burns For You) (bonus track)
12.Love And Death (bonus track)
13.Where Are You Running To (bonus track)
14.Come On And Love Me (bonus track)
15.The Spirit Of Steele (bonus track)
16.The Pyre of Kings -bonus
17.To The Devil A Daughter (bonus track)
18.God Of Violence Kill (bonus track)
19.Viking (bonus track)
20.Ase’s Death (bonus track)
21.Bitches From Hell (bonus track)
22.Fight Tooth And Nail (Roman Sword Re-Mix) (bonus track)
23.Tales From The Hammer (bonus track)
24.We Rule The Night (live pre-production rehearsal) (bonus track)
25.I’m On Fire (live pre-production rehearsal) (bonus track)
26.Fight Tooth And Nail (live pre-production rehearsal) (bonus track)
27.Rock Me (live pre-production rehearsal) (bonus track)
28.We Rule The Night (Bigger gongs & Bombs early rough mix version) (bonus track)
29.Noble Savage (Flanging To Eternity early rough mix version) (bonus track)

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