31 March 2023

Hell Icon – Odium Irae Involumentum Me, Te Conscientiae Stimulant Maleficiorum

Releasedate: 2011
By: Sabine van Gameren

Hell Icon is a Black Metal formation from The Netherlands. Originally they were formed in 1998 but it took until 2002 before the first EP got released. Anno 2011 they have released quite a list on full length, “Odium Irae Involumentum Me, Te Conscientiae Stimulant Maleficiorum” being the latest.

Just the name is already quite a long one and so is the track of this album. Yes, it is just asingle track of almost 40 minutes. Technically the band have recorded this one already in 2005 but now released in a wider range. What to expect is a black metal environment, the ambient, slow and psychotic sort of music that you normally experience in your worst nightmares. A dark and evil atmosphere, pure as it comes to make the movie in your head darker and dead. What the band does is creating these transistions between parts that are that subtle and long that you hardly notice what’s going on. 40 minutes may be a long ride to hear in just one track, but cutting in some breaks just for having it shorter would not make sense in this case at all. It’s fine as it is and although the release have been out for a while, it may be worth to try it. When you like it the band has various other albums to enjoy.