11 December 2023

21-10-2023 The New Roses

Supports:  Moon Shot
Location: Metropool, Enschede (The Netherlands)

The New Roses are on tour and this evening they were playing in The Netherlands. Metropool opened their doors for them and their support.

Moon Shot

The support of the evening is the Finnish Moon Shot. The members of this formation have been in bands we have covered in the past, like Disco Ensemble, Lapko, Children of Bodom. Now these are kind of different from what we are seeing tonight, where the music goes to Alternative Rock. Yet in sometimes there is something recognizable in there. If you have been listening to Lapko before you will at times hear this return in their sound as their front man Ville has this unique, recognizable voice. The band is soon releasing their second album and thus have some audience to introduce themselves to.
The show self is rather energetic. The band is close and intimate with the audience, and you can tall they have routine in entertaining an audience. Front man Ville can be found everywhere. Up on a raiser or closer to the ground, at the end in between the audience and after the final track he dramatically jumps off stage and leaves the hall to await the fans at the merch table.

A nice support that surely makes the audience enthusiastic.

The New Roses

Headliner The New Roses is having a tad bit more classic approach to their sound. Rock & Roll full class. The band founded in 2007 and has been playing under their current name since 2012. The guys have seen many stages around Europe already, supporting many substantial names out there. This time a headlining tour. Tonight is not the fullest house they could have had, which may have had to do with some competing shows elsewhere in the country.

The band has clean way of playing their songs, some catchy as they are but they announced also to be appreciative of a good rock ballad so we got some of that as well. Their eye for detail is always there, every song they play sounds well thought and very deliberately placed there in the set. A good balance between the faster rock songs and the slower songs is given and with some words in between the band seems to have no effort in convincing their fans today.

Their 2022 release “Sweet Poison” was well presented tonight. The band played a good show and send us home after an encore. These guys were giving us a good show of rock and roll at its best!


Moon Shot
The New Roses