25 May 2024

Ström – En Orkan På Vår Sida

Releasedate:   19-04-2024
Label: Black Lodge Records

The Swedish rockers “Ström” released the second album “En Orkan På Vår Sida” this April.

The record packed with ten tracks with slightly odor of seventies rock. There are several arguments why it’s audible worth. Firstly, the AC/DC legacy in its tempo and high scream vocals. Secondly, the hard rock guitar solo that never go out of style. Thirdly, unexpected native language and it’s Småland accent of Swedish.

Let’s head to the key tracks and the whole atmosphere of the album. Start with “Aristokrat” that combines hard rock with glimpse of heavy metal. The good track is definitely stuck in your head with catching refrain, guitar solos, etc. That’s why I’d like to mention “Kicken”. The speedy starting riffs and crying guitars made this song memorable. The next recommended track is “Med Min Längtan Lämnar Jag Dig” for its backing vocals and guitar solo again. This combination is kind of band’s things. The last mentioned track could be wide homage of Homeland titled “Småland“, not a hymn but solid enough.

The definition of “En Orkan På Vår Sida” in one sentence could be “Airbourne in Swedish”, but, honestly, it’s wider, deeper and absolutely different.

Line up:

    • Zdravko Zizmond – Vocals
    • Johan Siljedahl – Guitar
    • Calle Sjöqvist – Guitar
    • Tomas Salonen- Drums





    1. En Orkan På Vår Sida
    2. Blodsprängda Ögon
    3. Aristokrat
    4. Kicken
    5. Knoga På För Jämnan
    6. Småland
    7. Stämpelklockan
    8. Mitt Liv Som Dum
    9. Med Min Längtan Lämnar Jag Dig
    10. Tack För Mig