25 May 2024

28-10-2023 The Foreshadowing, In The Woods…, Saturnus

Location: Willem 2, s'Hertogenbosch (The Nederlands) 

Three bands tonight in s’Hertogenbosch. Willem 2 opened their stage to The Foreshadowing, In The Woods… and Saturnus.

Opening is the Italian formation The Foreshadowing. The band is making Gothic/Doom and have been around since 2005. The band has been quiet for a couple of years but this year released an EP called “Forsaken Songs”. It may be no surprise to hear some of that this day and the fan from longer ago may recognize a them.

The melodic tunes fill the area quickly and with calm grace the band starts their performance. From the heartfelt “Memento” towards the classic “Departure”, the band is received with a warm welcome. The audience is embracing the songs. What comes to notice is that the guys are not having the wildest show, but are not in need of much show for the music is doing the job well.

The set flies by fast and before you know we are waiting for the next band to appear. Tastes like more.

After a short changeover it is now time for In The Woods… The band has a long history, being formed in 1991. They have their base in Norway and their sound is mixed with Black. The other bands affectionately refer to them as the vikings. The band starts their set with one of their older tracks, a heavy start so to say. But then they turn it more towards their latest release “Diversum” which is in good line with their opener but seems a bit more accessible. The band has their setlist built to go back and forth in time, which creates a bit of an interesting touch. It differentiates a bit and thus it seems a bit unsteady at what they want to bring. The band has fans enough around so perhaps it is more for those who know the songs a bit longer already to step over that.

It is the Danish Saturnus who is closing this evening. These guys also have some history on the counter, thirty years of existence so to say. On releases they took it a bit slower, five full length studio albums are to be found in their discography. The last one called “The Storm Within” has been released just a few months ago, so still quite fresh.

For the set of the night the band takes a bit from everything, and while the previous formation seemed a bit more distance, the melodic side of Saturnus lays a warm connection with the audience. The band has filled the stage well so there is always something to watch. A highlight is the two guitarists when they take a moment of spotlight of their own. Never too obvious but yet an enchanting view of collaboration.

They closed the evening in style, if you have not seen these guys around, make sure they cross your path somehow.



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