Lacrimas Profundere – How To Shroud Yourself With Night

Releasedate:   26-08-2022
Label:  Steamhammer / SPV

So pretty soon in 2023, German Gothic metallers Lacrimas Profundere will be celebrating their 3 full decades in metal. And this new album” HTSYWN” starts celebrating the upcoming big anniversary already. 13th full length album on their 30th year!

The band continues to rock on with the fresh blood of the vocals as this is his 2nd album recorded with the band. His first one was 2019’s “Bleeding the Stars”. The record collected many great reviews and was an absolute success. Let’s see if this full-length catches up with the previous one’s hype.
I can’t really say that despite being a fan of the band and their most albums. This album gave me so many mixed signals. I feel like it’s everything all at once without even trying to be. So this might be a natural result of the band being musically matured enough to showcase their talents in these intersecting genres. Dark gothic wave, black metal elements, metalcore vocals, melodic Euro metal vibe, it’s all there. But is it what we signed up for as LP fans? Maybe, maybe not.

The most appealing aspect of Lacrimas Profundere for me has always been the catchy melodies and the great baritone/bass vocals. And I’m sad to see that unlike on “Bleeding the Stars”, Mr. Larre’s vocals this time around are somehow overshadowed by the myriad of styles that are played with and the ever-changing sound of the album.

Still if I am to state a favorite off the album, it would be the 1st single off the album, A Cloak Woven of Stars. It’s upbeat, it carries the classic LP sound with grandiose melodies. Somehow the dramatic effect in The Curtain of White Silence confuses rather than excites. Call me a conformist and an immature fan but instead of finding the drama of for instance, And God’s Ocean, You, My North or My Mescaline, I have found upbeat dark songs with some deathcore screams and vocals. I’d understand if this is for the theme of the album, but still… I guess I’m one of those fans who would like to hear the already successful sound that made me fall in love with Lacrimas in the first place. However if you’d like to know the latest progress of the band’s sound, you should give this one a spin!


Line up:
  • Oliver Nikolas Schmid – Guitars
  • Julian Larre – Vocals
  • Dominik Scholz – Drums
  • Ilker Ersin – Bass
Lacrimas Profundere


  1. Wall Of Gloom
  2. A Cloak Woven of Stars
  3. Nebula
  4. In A Lenghtening Shadow
  5. The Curtain of White Silence
  6. Unseen
  7. The Vastness of Infinity
  8. To Disappear In you
  9. An Invisible Beginning
  10. Shroud of Night