11 December 2023
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5x New – week 34

Get immersed in darkness with the new Overtoun video of the song PITCH-BLACK, from the album THIS DARKNESS FEELS ALIVE.
“It’s finally here – the new single from INDUCTION! ‘Queen Of Light’ takes you on a melodic journey through the power metal universe, with stories of betrayal, passion, lost love, new beginnings and the hope for a bright future. It was one of the very early songs written with the outlook for the sophomore album, and it went through many changes and revisions, before it was finally in the state it is now. We are very happy how it turned out and therefore invite you to listen to, enjoy, cherish and share it to your hearts’ content.”
Second single and video of the upcoming album Beware Of The Night. Out on September 8th 2022 via Fighter Records.
Those who have listened have loved and those who have missed go in vain, is the unabashed consensus. Third single “Darling” gives the world yet another chance to dive into MCC’s dreamy universe, described as sing-along friendly and grandiose, with ABBA-grade production. The electronic elements of the song were developed with producer Niels Nielsen (Ghost, In Flames) and are yet another variable that impresses and elevates the band’s multi-faceted soundscape to new heights.