21-06-17 Nummirock

Nummirock - 21-06-17
Starts: 21-06-2017
Ends: 24-06-2017

Nummirock was once again quite rainy and chilly, like Juhannus traditionally is like in Finland. We didn’t let that bother because once again we were up for 4 days of heavy weight bands and awesome music. The first day evening was nice enough, the packed tent stage was filled by the first 3 bands and reception was warm and welcomed, plus it didn’t rain.

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila

Wednesday, evening

Kaunis KuolematonKaunis Kuolematon at Nummirock 2017

The festival was opened with some melodeath/doom, which was one of the most anticipaetd curiosities for us. They had just in the end of March and the first impression struck with awe.

At the beginning, there was maybe little bit hesitating and anxiety to be seen, which however eased up as the gig progressed. Headbanging looks good everytime, which is something that you just can´t see enough, no matter how much you have seen it before.

The songs varied comfortably, and I didn´t found anything to complain about technically at all songs they played. ” Yksin” ( =”Alone”), especially I remembered, because the all the vibe and feeling in the whole song is exactly same than ita name conveys. Kaunis Kuolematon at Nummirock 2017Nighon at Nummirock 2017


The second band gave us some gothic and industrial vibes here and there but generally putting them into a genre was quite difficult as they refused to stay within limits.

Also the second band was interesting getting to hear. There were some uncertainty on stage, probably because, they had a substituting singer.

Vibes were nice, and they remember to encourage the listeners well.

The songs have a nice variation between sensitive and ferocious, so even there were some technical mistakes and some apply for timings, the whole show was that kind of experience, that it leaves me curious about how they would sound in their real lineup.

I have to say that I found it this time kind of little bit messy and as a scattered entity, and there were so much stylistic variation, that it leaves me in uncertainty about the band´s own thing.Nighon at Nummirock 2017

Shade Empire
Shade Empire at Nummirock 2017
Shade Empire was the most anticipated guest of the first day, and the tent stage was completely a wrong slot for them as it was nearly overcrowded but it was easy to forget as their industrial/symphonic dark metal rumbled through the night.

I know this band has been on a break but it cannot been seen at their stage performances. Show was handled that kind of energy and with iron certainty that it was enjoyable viewing and hearing.
Technically I didn´t find anything to complain, it seems that they really enjoy at been in stage and they have been hungry for this.

Also they remembered audience well, and their focus were clearly there. Even if this is not maybe the kind of style I have thought I like, the melodies goes inside my ears so smoothly and exactly right timings, that it was kind hard to remember take some notes.Shade Empire at Nummirock 2017

01 July 2017