Nad Sylvan – The Bride Said No

Nad Sylvan - The Bride Says No
Label: InsideOut
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 26-05-2017
Nad Sylvan is making prog music. As a multi instrumentalist he did a whole lot on this album himself, but also invited a bunch of guests. The album is called: “The Bride Said No”.

Sure, you may have to get used to his voice in the beginning, but when you get into it, and let yourself be a listener to the story of this release, you soon find yourself loving the album a bit more and more. Nad has thought the album through. It knows depth. Many different elements are coming together. The instruments and arrangements seem quite large but what speaks for his classe is that it is never crossing the border of getting overdone. It is there for a purpose and not just because he can. Every riff, every melody is well thought about.
One song is a bit darker than the other, the titles of the songs in theme leading to the end of the album where we close with an evil “The Bride Said No” which also features female vocals. It makes the whole even more theatrical, creating a lovely ending to the release.

This album is truly one to listen and discover. It’s all you may hope for and never too cliché. Not many artist seem to get the balance so nicely done these days, but Nad did a good job with “The Bride Said No”.

Line up and Guests:
Nad – vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar,
orchestration, programming
Jade Ell – vocals
Sheona Urquhart – vocals, saxophone
Tania Doko – vocals
Steve Hackett – guitar
Roine Stolt – guitar
Guthrie Govan – guitar
Tony Levin – Chapman stick, upright- and electric bass
Jonas Reingold – bass
Nick D ́Virgilio – drums, percussion
Doane Perry – drums
Anders Wollbeck – additional sound design, keyboards,
programming, orchestration
Alfons Karabuda – water phone

nadsylvan 01. Bridesmaids
02. The Quartermaster
03. When The Music Dies
04. The White Crown
05. What Have You Done
06. Crime Of Passion
07. A French Kiss In An Italian Cafe
08. The Bride Said No
09. Black Sheep


08 June 2017