25-04-2017 Red City Radio

25-04-2017 Red City Radio
Starts: 25-04-2017

It is a Tuesday night in Wiesbaden. Quite some people had come out to Kesselhaus, the little sister of the venue Schlachthof. It was crowded and everyone was ready to rock. Tonight, it was only one band on stage. But that one did rock for sure. Red City Radio was the name of that band. And since they were the only ones tonight, the entered the stage at around 8:30 pm.  

Then, at around 8:30pm, the band entered the stage. Red City Radio is an American punk rock band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, formed in 2007. The band’s lineup consists of Garrett Dale, Ryan Donovan, Jonathan Knight and Dallas Tidwell. But everyone in the audience knew that. Because everyone in the audience was here for Red City Radio.

Red City RadioThe band began rocking right away. They played songs off all albums. Each one of the four was feeling their music on stage, moving along to it and putting their soul into the music. In between the songs the band took their time. They were talking to the audience, telling stories and requesting drinks, jokingly.

The audience did take that request quite serious. The first one to receive a drink, was the drummer. A fan brought a shot glass filled with tequila to the front. The band was surprised and said, this was a first.

But it was not all about talking between band and audience. Red City Radio also played songs. Of course. And they also presented a brand new song. A song they played live for the first time today. Seeing how the audience liked it. The name of the song was “If You Want Blood (Be My Guest)” and the audience loved it. And the fans rewarded it with shots of Jägermeister for the entire band. Cheers!

Red City Radio was playing about ten songs. But the audience wanted more, so the band ended up playing several songs for encore.

It was a great night with one great band. Make sure to check them out when Red City Radio hits your town.

Red City Radio

01 May 2017