Ancient Ascendent – Raise The Torch

Ancient Ascendent - Raise The Torch
Label: Spinefarm Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 28-04-2017

Ancient Ascendant is a British based quartet pioneering a unique brand of songwriting based on a solid foundation of black and death metal, whilst injecting eclectic ideas from a wide range of fine metal traditions.

This is the brand new album by Ancient Ascendant and it is called “Raise To Torch”. Coming with nine songs, the album will pull you along, no matter what. Strong metal tunes come blasting at you right after pressing play. The vocals are growled and add a creepy touch to the music. The melodies are very rhythmic and will get you going along while the drums will get your head moving. Ancient Ascendant is introducing you to their world on “Raise The Torch”. One you will wander in, every time you listen to the music. And with every time listening through this album you will discover more and more of what Ancient Ascendant put into the music and its arrangements. Because it is not just plain shredding and shouting. There is so much more to this album than meets the ear. But that, my dears, you can find out yourselves.

Ancient Ascendant has a new album out. “Raise A Torch” is the name of this brand new piece of black and death metal. Calling all you metal fans out there. So go check it out now.

Ancient Ascendent - Raise The Torch Tracklist:
01. Reawakening
02. Our Way
03. Scaling The Gods
04. Unearth
05. Carnal
06. Foreign Skys
07. Grasping The Torch
08. The Great Curve
09. To The Cold


27 April 2017