25 May 2024
Manolo Panic - Chinchilla

Manolo Panic – Chinchilla

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Manolo Panic is an indie rock band from Switzerland. The band has toured the world. Now, they have a new album out which is called “Chinchilla”.

The brand new Manolo Panic release comes with elven songs. Each one of them is catchy and will get you going along. The smooth melodies are accompanied by a rhythmic beat and vocals that will get you going along. The singer knows exactly how to use his voice to keep your attention and twists your mind.The songs vary between fast rhythms that get you dancing along and slower songs that will make you sway along. Each one is absolutely emotional and will dig deep underneath your skin. “Chinchilla” is a highly addictive album. Once the last note has ceased, you will catch yourself hitting play again because it feels as if something is missing without the music playing. Manolo Panic bring good vibes into your ears and heart. I can only imagine how amazing their concerts will be.

This is a brand new piece of music that will make it onto all your favorite playlists. Catchy pop rock music with a strong touch of indie and their own style. Manolo Panic created an amazing piece of music with “Chinchilla”. Check it out now.

Manolo Panic - Chinchilla Tracklist:
01. All you are
02. Mary Ann
03. You got me on my knees
04. Broken Bottles
05. I don`t feel you sun
06. Dear Miss Hunter
07. I see you there
08. Runaway
09. My Heart, My Mind
10. Your Body your soul
11. Wasting Time