Nord – Play Restart

Nord - Play Restart
Label: Geenger Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 21-04-2017

While singer Mihael Prosen (previously Father) and guitarist Vedran Vučković (formerly Unlogic Skill) are true veterans of the Croatian heavy rock scene, the other members add newer influences to the band’s sound. Nord’s idea of rock music is based on the concept of an infinite creativity and therefore breaks with genre expectations: The band’s influences range from hard rock and grunge to pop and experimental.

Now Nord has a new album out. “Play Restart” is the name of that album and it comes with eight songs and an outro. Each song is strong and will guide you through the album. The melodies will get you swaying along and the strong vocals are guiding your way. The lyrics are taken out of life, so you will be able to relate to them. You can tell that the band has quite some experience in creating music. Because this album is amazing. No matter how many times you are listening to this beauty, you will not get bored. “Play Restart” goes by so quickly, you feel like it has been only minutes. So you will catch yourself hitting play over and over again. “Killing Me, Killing You” includes a female guest vocalist. Other than this song, all songs include only the singer of Nord.

“Play Restart” is the brand new album of Nord. And it is a brilliant one that all you rock fans will love. So check it out.

Nord - Play Restart Tracklist:
01. Lo-Hi
02. Running Man
03. Play Restart
04. Shadows
05. So Alive
06. Mexico
07. Killing Me, Killing You
08. Remake


23 April 2017