Barathrum – Fanatiko

Barathrum - Fanatiko
Label: Saturnal
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 09-04-2017

The Black/Doom formation Barathrum has been around since 1990 and they have released eight full length albums since. The latest dates back to 2005 and only some small releases have followed since. But this year full length number nine is going to be released, a new album and some live appearances are announced. “Fanatiko” is ready for release!

Those who listened the older releases of Barathrum know that through the years the Doom elements came in a bit more, but with this release they seem to look back upon the original idea again. That, to be said, in a 2017 feel. We recognize the typical screaming and screeching of mr Sova, something that is drawing the attention right away. The words often demonic, bringing you right into the sound. With a present bass, the whole combines to a chaotic mix of evil. Some guests are there spicing the album; Spellgoth of Horna for example. All these vocals result in a variance and interesting playfield. You never feel like it gets repeated.

Here and there the guys are bringing in more drama by elevating the whole again. Just do the same but deeper and that seems to work quite well. “Fanatiko” is a surprisingly diverse release. It is not pleasant, for its not supposed to be. An evil torture of filth and Barathrum all over. The album you have expected to be like this and yet surprises. Let’s see what happens when we witness this live this year!

Line up:
Demonos Sova – vocals
Raakalainen – guitars
Pelceboop – lead guitars
Ruttokieli – bass/backing vocals
Nuclear Tormentörr – lead bass/backing vocals
Vendetta – drums/backing vocals

Additional recording lineup
Spellgoth – additional vocals
Frater Zetekh – additional vocals
John Oscar Dee – additional vocals
Hoath Cambion – additional vocals
Naaras (Lapamato-Luuska-Ruumis) – additional vocals
Kate Boss – ritual bowls “On The Dark River Bank”

Barathrum - Fanatiko Tracklist:
01. Hellspawn
02. Pope Corpse Tattoo
03. On The Dark River Bank
04. Sadistic Pleasure
05. Arx Satanas
06. Church Amok
07. Spirit of the Damned
08. Fanatiko

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21 April 2017