Veil of Mist – Disengagement

Veil of Mist - Disengagement
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 11-11-2016
Veil of Mist is a French formation that has been around fora bout twelve years. They are female fronted and use a variety of styles into their sound, from Progessive to Symphonic. Their full length album “Disenchantment” is out now.

When a band says they are using a variety of styles it always gives people hope for hearing something unique but let’s put it straight, this release is not really something you have not heard before. The band easily manoeuvres themselves into pleasant atmospheres, and in general there is not so much wrong with the music they make, but it lacks a bit of excitement. Perhaps the band could have taken things a bit further, explore a bit further and give the experiment a chance.
It is interesting to see they have thought of bringing in some guest musicians, but although these are a nice add, it does not make the band look stronger, it maintains the feeling that they are not showing the maximum of themselves just yet.
The band has taken long time for this release to come out and it is clear that they are not completely bringing their own thing yet, but on the same time it is spoken that a follow up is in its making which could very much be the album that shows development.


Altogether “Disenchantment” is not a bad album, but it simply raises questions on what more can they bring, how much can they grow and show their own face a bit stronger.

Veil of Mist - Disengagement Tracklist:
01. Fané
02. Scarecrow
03. La Cohorte des Esseulés (Bonus Track)
04. Sham Existence
05. Weight of Regrets
06. Heiress to Melancholia
07. Ghosts of Winter
08. Pretium Doloris
09. Death in Your Eyes
10. Shareholder of Your Ruin
11. I Shall Not Die Alone

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11 January 2017