Saltatio Mortis – Licht und Schatten – Best of 2000-2014

Saltatio Mortis - Licht und Schatten - Best of 2000-2014
Label: Napalm Records
Written by: Basak Günel
Releasedate: 17-06-2016

One of the most famous bands in the German metal scene is Saltatio Mortis without doubt. The band has been adored by many medieval/rock fans as well as the fans of the metal music. It’s been 15 years since they started the journey and this definitely calls for celebration.. so here they are with the greatest hits album “Licht und Schatten”!

Featuring remastered songs from almost all of the albums from the band’s career of 15 albums, “Licht und Schatten” consists of two parts that will take the fans into a journey in the new as well as the old era of the band. As a person who is not so familiar with the band’s previous records, this record made me realize just how dedicated they are in doing what they do. Whether it be old or the new stuff, Saltatio Mortis knows how to keep the listeners – new or hardcore fans- hooked up on some fine medieval rock music. In this sense, kudos to the band for choosing some of the best songs for this record!
In addition to the songs, the band also surprised us by presenting 3 bonus tracks, which are catchy and will be on your playlists for a while for sure! It was definitely interesting for me to hear the band’s development and improvement by hearing their old as well as the new stuff in one album.

“Licht und Schatten” is recommended not only to the fans of the band (who probably know all of the songs in this record!) but also to the people who hasn’t listened to the band yet.. So take a journey and choose your favorite songs! My favorites are “Prometheus”, “Nichts bleibt mehr”, “Tritt ein”, “Eulenspiegel” and “Weiß wie Schnee”.

Line-up [current]:
Alea der Bescheidene – vocals, bagpipes, didgeridoo, guitar, shawms
Lasterbalk der Lästerliche – drums, davul and other percussion
Falk Irmenfried von Hasen-Mümmelstein – bagpipes, vocals, hurdy-gurdy, shawms
El Silbador – bagpipes, shawms, smallpipes, uillean pipes and other pipes
Bruder Frank – bass guitars, electric upright Chapman Stick, guitar
Till Promill – guitars
Jean Mechant der Tambour – drums, piano, guitar, vocals
Luzi das L – pipes, shawms


  SaMo Tracklist:
CD 1
01. Früher war alles besser
02. Prometheus
03. Habgier und Tod
04. Wachstum über alles
05. Hochzeitstanz
06. Nichts bleibt mehr
07. Satans Fall
08. Sündenfall
09. Salome
10. Ebenbild
11. Tritt ein
12. Falsche Freunde
13. Spielmansschwur

CD 2
01. Ode an die Feindschaft
02. Idol
03. Krieg kennt keine Sieger
04. Eulenspiegel
05. Schloss Duwisib
06. Freiheit
07. Salz der Erde
08. Koma
09. Letzte Worte
10. Schöne neue Welt (Bonus)
11. Fatum (Bonus)
12. Weiß wie Schnee (Bonus)


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21 June 2016