25 February 2024


Tempelores has a long history.
The magazine started in 1995 as a printed version for a group of friends. By then, it was called “Music in the basement”. Basically, because it was all about the bands which played in a club in Papendrecht, Netherlands which was literally underground. It was the owner of the club, Patrick, which invested in the magazine and that is how it became a magazine for the visitors of his club.
In 2004the name changed to Tempelores and there we started to write articles about other bands then just the bands which played in the club.
For quite some years, it stayed like this but when a new team took over the magazine it completely changed. From there on Tempelores told a lot about national bands besides the bands where it al started with.
The team needed to be extended and at that point, Sofie and Sabine joined Tempelores. After a year and a half the preparations of a new Tempelores started. An internet version. People could subscribe for this only at a few places to keep the underground history with it. In a year time, the web team gained so many subscriptions that there was only one logical step: A website.

That is how we grew during the years. And who knows what future brings?