29 January 2023

Tides From Nebula – Earthshine

Releasedate: 06-05-2011; Label: Mystic Production
By: Sabine van Gameren

Tides From Nebula is a Polish formation. The band is relatively young, and with their Post Rock music they already made it quite far. The band is up for the release of their next full length album “Earthshine”.

The band have been busy touring around, but retreated for a while to make this new album. What they do is make that relaxed, dragging post rock, that you can close your eyes with and surrender to. Maybe it is not an album that people pick up easily as a first time it does not seem to stand out that much. Lovely to listen to but not much a of new thing, yet you can be quite mistaken. Every once in a while the band breaks out a bit and you get surprised by some heavier material. Though the majority of “Earthshine” is quite serene and clean. Tides From Nebula does not like to be in dark atmospheres when there is the light of the sun that can brighten everything and therefore “Earthshine” turned out to be an album full of positive vibes and happy moments. Moments that make you want to look forward and make me smile. An album like this in the morning will give you the energy and mood for a positive day, very nice!

Line up:
Tomasz Stolowski -Drums
Maciej Karbowski – Guitar, Keyboard
Przemek Weglowski – Bass
Adam Waleszynski – Guitar

01.These Days, Glory Days
02.The Fall Of Leviathan
03.Waiting For The World To Turn Back
05.White Gardens
08.Cemetery Of Frozen Ships

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