26 November 2022

V8 Wankers – Iron Crossroads

Releasedate: 18-04-2011; Label: Steamhammer / SPV
By: Sabine van Gameren

The German rockers of the band V8 WANKERS will release their sixth album “Iron Crossroads” through Steamhammer / SPV.

The album was produced by Tommy Newton (Helloween, Terry Hoax, Guano Apes, UFO and many others) and the band claims they sound ‘better and fresher than ever before’. Whatever they say, the band got this strong Heavy Metal feeling over them and it falls good. Climb your bike, jump in the car “Iron Crossroads” on the play and before you know you crossed half Europe. Guitars are quite upfront, here and there a solo but mostly accompanied with vocals singing the catchy lyrics. It reminds me of a male version of Skew Siskin. A little punk influences come with it as well which makes it such a wonderful album to for the summer. The lyrics have a little humor in them, which maybe not all may catch, but it certainly brings a nonchalance in it all. The Germans brought an album that may attract a wide audience, the band has quite a following, but this album is one that may convince many more. “Iron Crossroads” may certainly be one of those albums you keep repeating through the summer.

Line Up:
Lutz Vegas – Vocals
Schmuddel – Guitar
Blind Ferenc – Guitar
Marc De Vil – Bass
David Green – Drums

01. Sworn To Fun Second To None
02. Winner
03. Lone Wolf No Club
04. I Am The Kind Of Guy Who Gets Away With Murder
05. Iron Crossroads
06. Your Name
07. Sweet Blood
08. You Hate Me I Am So Glad
09. Dirty Old Man
10. SBM (Stop Bugging Me)
11. Give It To Me
12. Gone Electric
13. Ride The Rocket
14. Live By Rock n Roll Die By Rock n Roll

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