Moluchtas – Telos Terminus

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Godz ov War Productions

Moluchtas is a Belgian project making Black/Death metal. It is not known when it started but so far there were just two Eps released in 2021 and this year a full length compilation saw light. It is called “Telos Terminus” and it is available now.

It seems that the person behind this project prefer to stay anonymous and encourage a bit of mystery by not releasing much about Moluchtas. Let us keep the focus on the material then. It leans into the most extreme side of metal, a mix of Black and Death but more influences could be found. A sound that is rather familiar, much guitar driven and raw. An intense first half of the album, which comes from the first released EP, is setting you up with some brutality. The chaos and strong mix of guitars and vocals are setting the mood.

You get to notice when the material of the second EP comes along. There seems to be more focus on the technical side there, we are clearly having to deal with someone who knows what he is doing and knows what he wants to create. He leaves no time go to waste with diving into heavier sides. While subtly playing around tempo wise.

The compilation is a good one to start with, getting to know this project even without knowing details. Let your ears decide whether you like it and we can guarantee you, it will.



  1. Surrender to the Void
  2. The One that Defiles the Earth
  3. The Awakening
  4. A Carnal Illumination
  5. Damnation’s Dawning
  6. The Sanguinary Provenance
  7. The Quintessence of Emptiness
  8. The Sun of Malediction