25 May 2024

Henrik Palm – Nerd Icon

Releasedate: 19 April 2024
Label: Svart Records

Swedish mastermind Henrik Palm is back with a bang and he brought us another masterpiece – and his third album – called “Nerd Icon”. Having followed his solo career from the start, I had no doubts that this one was going to be extraordinary and I was definitely not wrong! For “Nerd Icon”, Henrik Palm collaborated once again with with Simon Söderberg, Daniel Moilanen and Johan Gustafsson. But you will also hear the contributions of Poison Idea, Viagra Boys, Nord & Syd, The Bear Quartet, Switchblade, Paper and Horndal.

“Nerd Icon” comes with many shades and layers, carrying that sinister and “negative rock” atmosphere with nice twists and turns. I especially loved the dynamic and instrumental arrangements throughout the album; it’s not just rock’n’roll but we get to see another side of Henrik Palm’s mind with songs like “Talismanic Love”, “From The Grave” and “Back to Abnormal”. This is also when we get to slow down and enjoy the instrumental side of “Nerd Icon”. As a matter of fact, piano and synth arrangements sometimes even take on the spotlight compared to those rock’n’roll riffs and make the album theatrical. Another personal highlight in all these twists and turns is the saxophone solo in “Lunch Hour (of the Wolf)”! Want to hear another surprise and be blown away? Listen to the album until the end… no spoilers though!

Nerd Icon is definitely one of my favorites of this year! Henrik Palm, once again, shows no boundaries and genres with “Nerd Icon”. It might take a while for you to get used to this but give “Nerd Icon” a chance, you will definitely not regret it!


  1. Instrumental Funeral
  2. Subway Morgue
  3. Lunch Hour (of the Wolf)
  4. Talismanic Love
  5. Swim to the Light
  6. From the Grave
  7. Back to Abnormal
  8. Many Days