25 May 2024

Blue Öyster Cult – Ghost Stories

Releasedate: 12 April 2024
Label: Frontiers Music

Masters of occult/hard rock Blue Öyster Cult are back with “Ghost Stories”, which marks a fitting finale to the recording legacy of one of rock’s most iconic fixtures from the past 50 years. “Ghost Stories” consists of reimagined and newly completed songs that span between 1978 – 2016. Let’s dig deep!

Those of you who know BÖC from their rather famous songs (“Don’t Fear the Reaper”) will be in for quite the ride when you listen to “Ghost Stories” and discover some gems. “Ghost Stories” truly is a time travelling experience. In addition, new songs such as “So Supernatural” will surprise the listeners; the song became my instant favorite and proves BÖC still has it after all these years!

What I have always liked about BÖC is their authentic and organic sound. It feels like we are there in the studio with them, which is the case with “Ghost Stories” as well. This should come as no surprise though: George Geranios, the band’s original audio engineer and an integral part of the band’s golden years, co-produced the original 1978-83 recordings along with BÖC. All were originally recorded on reel-to-reel analog tape. They were later transferred to digital audio. The result? A top-notch production with excellent arrangement and a sound that sounds natural and an album that flows.

Another interesting highlight is The Beatles cover “If I Fell”, which is also the closing song of “Ghost Stories”. It definitely feels different from the rest of the album, even with the BÖC interpretation of the song. It adds a great finish to “Ghost Stories” and shows us another side of BÖC!

“Ghost Stories” is definitely recommended to collectors, time travellers and fans of BÖC and well.. fans of good quality music in general. Get it and get ready for some nice time travelling!

Line up:

  • Eric Bloom – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Albert Bouchard – Drums, Vocals
  • Joe Bouchard – Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
  • Allen Lanier – Guitar, Keyboards
  • Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser – Guitar, Vocals
  • Rick Downey – Drums (on 3 and 11)
  • Richie Castellano – Additional Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

If I Fell” was Recorded on April 18, 2016, at Red Studios, Hollywood, CA
Eric Bloom – Vocals
Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser – Guitar, Vocals
Richie Castellano – Guitar, Vocals
Kasim Sulton – Vocals
Jules Radino – Percussion


  1. Late Night Street Fight
  2. Cherry
  3. So Supernatural
  4. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  5. Soul Jive
  6. Gun
  7. Shot In The Dark
  8. The Only Thing
  9. Kick Out The Jams
  10. Money Machine
  11. Don’t Come Running To Me
  12. If I Fell