23 July 2024

Almøst Human – Xs2xtc

Label: Fastball Music
Releasedate: 01-02-2019

Almøst Human is a formation from Switzerland. The guys released an EP a couple of years ago but are now ready for the release of their first full length album. It is called “Xs2xtc” and it is available now.

Genrewise the guys don’t take it too strict. Some from here and there, but maybe mentioning Gojira would be the best reference. However the guys are having a bit smoother path chosen. You are granted the time to enjoy each element and not have it overwhelm one.

Melodic lines in there are taking you by the hand and lead you through the album, while there is enough vehemence to give some balance to it. In other moments they seem to have listened to the music that Alkerdeel could come up with, the darkness thus, like in “Chemical Breakfast” they let the eerie side of them come out.

The switching back and forth between different sides of them is natural. It is almost without seams, the guys know how to do it and also not to take longer for it then needed. Admirable quality, not many will execute that too well, it makes the album to one piece.

If you look for a track that would summarize the album best, I would suggest “Fucktory of illusions” as it showcases the diversity within one song.

In a way this is not an album you hear every day. It may be the first surprise received at Tempelores this year. If they keep this going, we can see them ona lot of large stages in future.

Line up:

  • Ben Pluss – Vocals
  • Chris Matthey – Producer, Mixer, Guitar, Vocals
  • Gilles Bonzon – Guitar
  • Jan Peyer – Bass
  • Olivier Perdrizadt – Guitar, Vocals
  • Rosario Fullone – Drums

01. System of Beliefs
02. Warpigs
03. Naked Now
04. What Makes You so Hard?
05. Chemical Breakfast
06. Divine Comedy
07. Babyglued
08. Clowned
09. Beloved Pet
10. Promised Paradise
11. In the Name(s) of God(s)
12. Fucktory of Illusions
13. From Womb 2 Wombs
14. Welcome 2 Neverland